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    Car Accidents

    There are steps you can take to protect your legal rights after an auto accident. Insurance Companies will attempt to settle your claim as soon as possible, even if the full extent of your injury has not been diagnosed. You could lose the ability to receive the money you need for medical treatment, pain, suffering, and other losses if you settle too quickly. Jordan will fight for the full compensation you deserve.

    18 Wheeler Accidents

    Truck accidents are more dangerous than auto accidents due to the difference in size and weight between trucks and other vehicles. A truck accident can be caused by negligence of the driver. However, you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries or deaths that occurred. Jordan has successfully represented many victims of truck accidents and will help you get the rightful compensation you deserve.

    Storm Damage

    Strong winds, hail, and flooding can cause catastrophic damages to your home or business. Frequently, insurance companies deny or underpay storm damage claims on the basis that the damages resulted from causes unrelated to a storm event, even when the damages did not exist before the storm. Dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters to secure coverage for your storm damages can be daunting. Let our experienced attorneys fight for you.

    Roof Damage

    The roof to your home or business is its primary line of defense against nature, making it susceptible to damage from weather events, fallen objects, fire, and many other perils. As a result, your roof is the most important and the most vulnerable component of your home or business. Roof repairs and replacements are expensive and daunting.

    Fire Damage

    If there has been a fire at your property, sometimes the damage is more extensive that you realize. There is often smoke damage and water damage to the structure and the contents in addition to the damage caused by the fire itself. Insurance companies frequently under-estimate this damage. Additionally, the rebuilding process can takes months or years and your living expenses may be recoverable from your insurance company.


    Lightning can cause catastrophic damage to the exterior, interior, and contents of your home or business. It can also produce an electrical surge that damages equipment, appliances, electronics, phone systems, and electrical infrastructure and fixtures. Your insurance company may fail to provide coverage for the entire scope of lightning damages to your home or business. Compared to other losses that are easily recognized, lightning damage may be much more significant than it initially appeared.

    Burst Pipe Water Damage

    A single burst pipe can damage virtually all building components including floors, walls, ceilings, as well as your personal property and valuables. Our team has experience in handling burst pipe and plumbing failure cases ranging from small bathroom leaks to large commercial claims costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. Insurance companies and their adjusters often undervalue your repair costs or fail to account for all the damage to your home or business.

    Commercial Building Damage

    Your business should not have to suffer due to your insurance company failing to come through after a loss. Our team frequently represents hotel and other commercial property owners who have sustained covered property damage. If your insurer has refused to pay for covered damage to your property or has paid too little to repair your property after a covered loss, we can help. We will pursue insurance companies that have failed to pay what they owe until justice is served.

    Who Is


    A injury or property loss is rarely just physical; it can affect your whole life. Financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

    Despite being responsible to pay for these damages, Insurance Companies often minimize pain and suffering and attempt to settle claims for amounts that benefit their company, not those injured.

    You need someone to fight for you.

    Jordan Saunders-Cabrera, JD/MBA:

    I have been a fighter all my life. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas, before attending Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey, graduating with a BFA in Acting and the highest GPA in my class. The only member of my family to graduate college or venture away from Texas, I moved to NYC where my grit was tested. It became clear, life isn’t easy or fair and respect is earned. I found inspiration and focus in studying Krav Maga and eventually became proficient in MMA.

    After moving back to Texas, my deep calling to stand in the gap for people who suffer injustice led me to St. Mary’s Law School where I was nominated for a Women in Law Leadership Award, interned with State and Federal Judges, and graduated with a JD/MBA. Then I learned how to fight using the Law.

    I joined the largest Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Firm in Texas, Thomas J Henry Law, where I helped to represent clients who had lost a loved one or whose lives had been forever changed by reckless people. Here my resolve deepened and more so than ever it became clear, I am incapable of indifference; I don’t give up, I don’t give in, and I fear no man, only God.

    Now, let me fight for you. Give me a call to discuss your case.

    The Firm:

    The Mission of this Firm is to glorify Jesus Christ and offer excellent legal representation that champions truth, justice, liberty, restitution, and inspires hope.

    The Values of this Firm are defined by my fiduciary duty and rooted in Bible doctrines. Every decision, action, piece of advice is made in furtherance of the best interest of the client.

    o   Never settling unless the highest and best result is achieved for the client

    o   Excellence in ethics

    o   Honest, clear client communication

    o   Fierce advocacy for the client

    o   Respect

    o   Discipline

    The Vision of this Firm is to be a light to the world. To encourage injured people, who otherwise would have not sought out legal help, to be hopeful that justice can be achieved in ethical and complete ways.

    Why the Phoenix:

    The Phoenix represents hope against impossible odds and the power of perseverance. When you are injured, it can seem like your whole life is reduced to ashes. But there is hope. I will help you persevere through the challenges that will come your way. There will be a reckoning, YOU can rise from the ashes of injury and loss.

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